A special year… iTiT COSMETICS is founded. A new company specialized in designing, studying and producing high profile cosmetics.

iTiT COSMETICS is the result of an idea and an entrepreneurial partnership between Raquel Melgarejo Antequera and Mirko Panico two young professionals who had a vision: GLOBAL COSMETICS DESIGNER.
A unique and innovative concept in the field of cosmetics which proposes ideas, concepts and unique products.
From the creation of lip products and emulsions, the field in which it operates, iTiT Cosmetics developed as a global cosmetic designer shortly after its birth proposing innovative products, which included those for the eyes.

A global Cosmetic designer is the perfect partner for every cosmetic brand. It provides support to manage, both fully and comprehensibly, the realisation of the cosmetic product, from the birth of the concept, keeping in line with the needs of the customer and the trends of the moment.
Global has different meanings: global because of the fullness of the cosmetic product realisation process and because of the influence it exercises.
A unique and innovative concept in the cosmetics field which proposes unique ideas, concepts and products produced in the factory of Cantù using latest-generation Italian-manufactured machinery.

Raquel Melgarejo Antequera

Born in Andalusia, she has encountered the fascination of Italian make up.
She has got a Degree in Chemestry at one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, her curriculum is characterized by prestigious partnerships.
Her cultural skills then consolidated working for important Italian and International companies in cosmetic production as supplier until becoming R&D Director. Today her experience and product sensitivity are dedicated to iTiT COSMETICS and become a sign of reliability and absolute professional skills in research.

Mirko Panico
His experience in high company consultancy, mostly aimed at the world of beauty and fashion allowed him to get in touch with prestigious companies. During these years he got in touch with entrepreneurs, managers, decision makers developing their marketing plans and company positioning of great impact and successfully.
Today his capacity of analysis and company organization are dedicated to iTiT COSMETICS and become a ensurance of state of highly developed managerial skills.


Raquel and Mirko, two eclectic persons who, together with a qualified staff have built a new path in the world of cosmetics for its clients, a path that has been strengthened by the recognition of an important certificate: ISO 22716 and ISO 9001